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All of the money that Waverly Hills takes in, through tours and donations, goes to restoring the building. The restoration process for a building this size has been and will be a long process. Thanks to the efforts of many people in and around the community, Waverly Hills will someday be completely restored. You can help by donating your time, money or services. A great way to help the effort is to schedule a tour. Not only are you getting a great educational historical/paranormal tour, you are also helping to ensure that others will have the same opportunity years from now.

The “before” images on this page were taken in 2000. As you can see just from these photos the appearance was not very good there. It looked like a jungle around the entire building with trees growing so close to it they started to cause damage. Window holes were tacked shut with old rotting boards, trash heaps and junk were laying around the side of the building and the laundry room was deteriorating badly.

The very first thing the new owners did when they purchased the Waverly property was a very big clean up project. That involved a huge amount of man-hours. Many trees were cut down, huge amounts of junk and scrap were hauled off.

The laundry room was in bad shape too and was cleaned out. The smaller fire escape in the courtyard area was taken down, as it had become a safety hazard. The owners had to pay to have the asbestos removed(abated) from the building, a very expensive undertaking.

Several hundred feet of 6 inch diameter main water line had to be replaced with new high pressure pvc line to get the fire hydrants operational again, and two new hydrants were installed. The sprinkler system on the first floor had to be put back into an operational working condition again. Gravel was replaced in the rear lot, and brand new pavement layed at the side parking area of the north wing.

The entire roof of the north wing has been completely repaired with new roofing. Bricks and capping have been replaced on the north wing to refurbish what vandalism took away over the past years. The boiler room has had its roof completely refurbished and the interior has been redone, with new windows and doors. Electricity has been installed in both the laundry room and the boiler room, and portions of the main sanatorium building.

All of this work so far has been done in a four year period. So, it has taken time, and a lot of effort. It has been well worth it so far.

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