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Visitor Submitted Evidence

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Waverly Hills Official Evidence

Coming Soon

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Latest Evidence

Waverly Hills Official Pictures Visitor Submitted Pictures EVP’s Video Evidence Submit your own evidence! Don’t believe what you see here? Book a tour and see for yourself. Click here now!

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Over the years, Waverly Hills has become quite famous in the world of paranormal research. Paranormal investigators from all over the country visit the sanatorium year round. With many different types of ghost hunting tools from infra-red cameras to digital … Continue reading

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Waverly Staff

What made Waverly the premiere TB hospital in the country was it’s highly skilled staff of nurses and Doctors. The best in the world were here to help those afflicted with TB. They were a group of very dedicated people. … Continue reading

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Snapshot of former patients

Over the years Waverly Hills Sanatorium was host to thousands of patients. Most didn’t survive the “White Plague” that was Tuberculosis. Life in the sanatorium was not completely full of despair and sorrow. Many patients made friendships and morale was … Continue reading

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Patient Treatment

Fresh Air and Bedrest. Since they did not have antibiotics in the early 1920’s to treat tuberculosis, they had to rely on natural remedies. Daily bedrest out on the solarium porchways was the first and foremost item of importance in … Continue reading

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Historical Photos

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History Menu

Treatment at Waverly Hills Snapshot of the Patients of Waverly Hills Waverly Hills Staff General History

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The History of the Waverly Hills Sanatorium

Back before the sanatorium was ever thought of, the land was purchased by Major Thomas H. Hays in 1883. Major Hays needed a school for his daughters to go to, so he started a one room school house down on … Continue reading

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